Handwoven Long Dress


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The huipil [ˈwipil] is a traditional top or dress that has been worn by ethnic Zapotec and Mayan women of  Mexico for centuries.  To this day, it remains the most common female indigenous garment in use. Simple by design, it’s form is rectangular and sleeveless.  This huipil is handwoven and constructed by the use of a backstrap loom and takes about a month to complete.  The Detail on each shoulder is unique to each and the diamond pattern on the top repeats down the front and back of each dress every 6 inches.

Size Large: Approx. 26'' W x 45'' L

Construction: 100% cotton thread embroidered on 100% cotton fabric

Care: Dry clean only.  Hand or machine washing may cause colors to bleed.



Note on unique construction: Please note that each item is handcrafted individually and is therefore one of a kind.  Items offered are similar in color and placement, no two pieces are exactly the same but different in its own beautiful way.  Website photos are a close portrayal of individual items

Returns and exchange policy:  Every item is individually hand picked in limited numbers.   No returns or exchanges. Please regard product information and verify before purchasing.


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